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Our homes should be the safest place. Unfortunately, some houses make people ill because the indoor air quality is poor.

The best preventive measure you can do is schedule regular HVAC tune-ups and pay close attention to the air in your home. We often see that stale and dirty air can cause further panic to individuals who suffer from allergens and asthma.

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Warning Signs for Air Quality

The type of house you live in can also tell how much you need to watch your indoor air quality.

While the newer homes are sealed better, it means that indoor air contaminates can live longer and get trapped in the home. One of the many reasons it is important to incorporate fresh air into your home and check the air filter occasionally.

If you’re experiencing any of the issues stated below with the homes structure, your air quality could likely be compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maintenance & Repair

The good news is that you can ensure that the air quality in the home is healthy. It begins with controlling the dust in the house. Dust is the number one leading contributor to poor indoor air because it traps pollutants and continues to spread them throughout the house overtime. It’s very important to make sure that you are not unintentionally letting contaminants into the home, such as household cleaners and deodorizers. Start with changing air filters whenever they are visibly dirty, try and groom pets regularly to control dander and take good advantage of nice weather to let fresh air in.
At American Armor Air we recommend seasonal heating tune ups and occasional duct cleaning to improve air quality.

Your AC system is comprised of a compressor, its the unit that sits outside in your backyard. A furnace is the apparatus that actually cools and heats the air before releasing it into the air ducts to be distributed evenly throughout the house. In the compressor air is primed with refrigerant before making its way into the furnace, the unit that typically stored indoors or the garage. The furnace is where the beginning of the filtration process starts.

The leaks and holes in air ducts will create a vacuum in the attic. The Conditioned air then travels through the ducts and escapes through holes and leaks, making its way up to the attic. The air is then polluted when it mixes with the stale atmosphere in the attic, it starts collecting dust and other harmful particles.

What air duct sealing refers to is the process in which the air ducts’ joints are sealed to ensure they stay clean and closed. Keeping the bad contaminants out and hot and cold air in. An advanced duct sealing technique is used where duct joints are sealed with a cement mastic. We recommend air duct sealing for all homes as its a key factor for efficiently cooling and heating your air as well as protecting you from harmful contaminants

Most homes built between the years 1940 and late 70’s should take extreme caution to the material used during the building process. Around this time, asbestos was a good and popular material in construction for the homes insulation. If your home was built between these times, theres a pretty good chance that your flue pipes were built out of asbestos. The asbestos is prone to travel in the air ducts and eventually make its way into the house. This is a big danger and health risk given the hazards of asbestos.