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It’s hot here, so let us help you with your AC repair St George Utah today!

Why wait for the big expensive problem?

Here at American Armor Air – Air Conditioning Repair St George we ask ourselves why wait for the big expensive problem when you can help prevent those by good service, tune ups, and proper safety devices? Our goal is to provide you with the service and devices to help protect and prevent you from having costly big problems down the road! However, we also know that big air conditioning repair problems still happen. We are fully licensed and prepared to tackle any air conditioning repair St George needs! 

Tune Ups and Maintenance

HVAC systems are great. They make your home comfortable for you and your family year round and protect you from extreme temperatures and dust; however, these vital commodities can be expensive to fix if left to fall into disrepair.  That is why we like to perform maintenance regularly to help avoid big expenses down the road. So whether you are having problems with your heater or need some air conditioning repair St George, when we come to your house we go through a thorough inspection of all equipment in your house making sure everything is performing properly. We do this by doing a 30 point inspection

Our 30 Point Inspection

A 30 point inspection may sound like a lot, however we hold ourselves to a high standard to make sure we don’t miss something that could be a problem later on. There are many small maintenance fixes that could save you thousands of dollars down the road by catching the problems early. Proper AC repair St George Utah is important.

We know here in St George and Southern Utah it is crucial to have a working and effective air conditioning unit. With temperatures reaching well above 100 degrees during the summer months your air conditioning unit works extremely hard during our brutally hot summers. Our 30 points inspection includes cleaning the drain, checking all the electrical pathways and lubricating any necessary parts, so that we make sure we don’t miss a thing, and keep everything working as effectively as possible, so that you can have the peace of mind, and physical comfort of knowing your air conditioning systems are working to their best! 

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Maintenance Memberships

*per unit

We know that keeping your heating and air conditioning systems tuned up is crucial for avoiding any air conditioning repair St George! Having regular tune ups keep your systems running their best and keeping you cool during our hot St George summers! That is why we created our Bronze, Silver, and Gold memberships to help you afford regular check ups every 6 months to make sure everything is running smoothly. Having these regular tune ups also helps save thousands of dollars in the future by catching small problems early so as not to be big expensive problems down the line!

Bronze Member

$189 for 2 tune ups a year for 12 months

30 Point Insepction

We got through a thorough inspection so that we don't miss anything that could cause problems later on!

Silver Member

$355 for 2 tune ups a year for 24 months

Coil Cleaning

Cleaning your coils is one of the biggest cost savers when it comes to avoiding any air conditioning repair down the road!

Gold Member

$499 for 2 tune ups a year for 36 months

Air Filter Change

Having clean air filters will keep your air clean and reduce dust around the house making cleaning your house that much easier!

We know that time is a precious commodity for you and for us. We do our best to be in and out as quickly as possible; however, we also don’t believe in doing a job halfway. We go through a thorough inspection making sure we don’t miss a thing! 

We do a thorough 30 point inspection for every tune up we perform. This is to give you the peace of mind knowing your heating and air conditioning systems are working to their highest potential!

Saying that Saint George is a hot place to live is an understatement. We consistently get temperatures reaching over 100 degrees; which puts a lot of stress on your air conditioning system during the summer. Air conditioning repair St George is vital to make sure that your HVAC unit stays healthy and functioning the whole summer through.

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Safety Devices

There are many small things you can do or add to help protect your house and your HVAC St George systems. We are firm believers in putting safety checks throughout your HVAC systems to protect you and save you big money in the long run! 

Whether your Air Conditioning system is 30 years old or 30 days old, you never know what accidents can happen. We are constantly getting calls for air conditioning repair St George Utah, and a large portion of problems we fix can be prevented. 

The number one thing we suggest is a surge protector for your HVAC units. Most fan motors are susceptible to power surges. The surge protectors we sell have a 3 year warranty and cover up to $7500 of damage if the protector is on. Adding one of these helps protect your unit and covers damages if something does go wrong, and save you the need for additional AC repair St George Utah.

Another safety device we like to install is a ceiling saver. While this device doesn’t help prevent damages to your air conditioning and heating system, it does help prevent damage to your ceiling and walls. This device stops the condensation drain from overflowing which can lead to water damage in your house. 

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Ductless Mini Splits

There are lots of reasons to look into ductless mini splits. They are great at zoned heating and cooling, allowing you greater control in those hot spots around your house. They have no ducts and are small to fit in any room in your house giving you more space and freedom to do what you want in the room! Another great thing about these mini splits is that they can be installed on the ground against a wall, or up high on the wall up by the ceiling. This lets you decide on how you want it to look in your room. 

What are ductless mini splits? They are a great way to cool down or heat up certain rooms and areas in your house. They provide excellent flexibility with an instant cooling effect when turned on.

Cleaning and Filters

Once the 30 point inspection is over and everything seems ok, the next step is to do some cleaning. Cleaning your HVAC coils is one of the biggest cost savers when it comes to avoiding any air conditioning repair St George. Having dirty coils can drastically reduce system airflow and reduce the systems ability to absorb heat. Keeping your HVAC coils clean is an extremely cost effective solution to avoid future air conditioning repair St George. 

Another service we include is changing your air filters. It is advised you check your air filters about once a month. That doesn’t mean you need to change them that often, however as you notice them to start collecting dust, that is when you want to replace the filters. Dirty filters have a hard time collecting all the dust throughout the house. However keeping them clean will allow your system to clean the air more effectively, making cleaning and keeping your house clean that much easier! 

woman enjoying her air conditioning repair st george utah

Keeping a steady and clear air flow is one of the most important factors in HVAC St George system longevity. Make sure to replace your air filters frequently. Some other actions you can take include keeping the curtains closed to reduce the amount of work your system needs to perform. 

Many systems will label what size/type of filter is needed. When choosing a filter you’ll want to pay attention to the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). Consider getting a higher grade filter if you are sensitive to dust or have allergies.

Installing a programmable thermostat is a great way to save money on your bill. These thermostats will adjust the temperature by a few degrees up or down depending on the time of year to help reduce the amount of energy required to keep the house at the desired temp. They can also turn the system completely off during the hours where no one is home. This also helps your HVAC system last longer to save you money on air conditioning repair St George down the road as well!

Common Customer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Asking questions is encouraged to help you feel more comfortable and confident in your heating and cooling systems. We would love to answer any questions you might have about air conditioning repair St George.

Air Conditioning Repair St George

St George is one of the hottest places in the western United States, especially during the summer! With almost everyday reaching more than 100 degrees its important to keep your AC unit in tip top shape. However, what happens when it does go down? You need to get a repairman over as soon as possible to help counter the sweltering heat! 

This intense heat, combined with how hard your unit has to work to counter the heat, can strain your AC unit and cause it to break down. That is why air conditioning repair St George Utah is essential and we have the knowledge to repair your AC unit this summer! Call us for your air conditioning repair St George today!

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